If DriveSecurity is running, it scans files in real-time. You should be able to see DriveSecurity icon in the Windows notification area. Clicking this icon, you should see files that have been scanned during this session since the last scan. In addition, the window should read ‘ACTIVATED’ in the lower right corner and the particular […]

If you have DriveSecurity 2.X and earlier please update to the latest version from: • Windows: http://clevx.com/Installer/DriveSecurity-Installer.exe • Mac: http://clevx.com/Installer/InstallDriveSecurityMac.zip See What Version do I have? to find your DriveSecurity version. If your DriveSecurity shows “License expired” (see below) you will need to purchase a new license. Icon in System tray shows ”block” sign Mouse […]

To install DriveSecurity: 1. Download the latest version from here. (The installer downloads the latest DriveSecurity application in the background.) 2. Insert a portable drive. 3. If this is a reinstallation, delete the DriveSecurity.exe file and the ESET folder from the portable drive. 4. Double-click the DS-Installer.exe from your download folder. 5. Select the desired […]

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