Reduce the risk of data leaks within your organization
with DataLock® DLP – Data Loss Prevention Solution
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Endpoint Port Control
Centralized Policy Enforcement
Whitelisting of Authorized Mass Storage Devices
Enforcement of Antivirus and Read Only Mode
Blocking of Unauthorized HID devices
Seamlessly Integrated with DataLock® RM Console
Works with Windows and Mac Machines
Easy Deployment
Auditing, Reporting, and Activity Tracking

DataLock® DLP (by ClevX®) – is an easy to use Data Loss Prevention SaaS solution that enables IT Admins to centrally control endpoints and enforce the use of authorized data storage devices anywhere in the world.

IT Admins can restrict, deploy, enforce, manage, and audit all endpoints, mass storage devices, and HID devices, generate reports, and much more through an easy to use interface.

DataLock DLP is available for custom and OEM applications.

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