Practical and Fun. The Thinnest Flash Drive Ever Created.
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The world’s thinnest USB flash drive
Fits into any standard USB port when folded
Can be clipped on, put on a binder ring, or a key ring
Dustproof. Waterproof. Shockproof
Convenient inter-office mobile data vehicle
Material efficient and recycle friendly
Can be integrated with gift cards, id cards, badges, etc.
Various form-factors and custom branding
Intuitive use with hinge-based design

Support is provided by CustomUSB – a ClevX Partner/Licensee
FoldIT USB drive is backed by a Lifetime CustomUSB Warranty


FoldIT® (by ClevX®) is the world’s thinnest USB drive featuring patented technology that enables unique versatility at only 1.2 mm thin. Multifunctional, space efficient design allows it to be clipped to items, put on a binder ring, or a key ring, and to be plugged into any standard USB port when folded.

Reference designs are available for custom and OEM applications.

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FoldIT Flash Drive (8GB/16GB)

Mini Card

FoldIT Flash Drive (8GB/16GB)

Gift Card

FoldIT Flash Drive (8GB/16GB)

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