Subscribing is easy and does not require any additional servers or infrastructure setup. DataLock RM is a subscription-based SaaS and requires an annual subscription via ClevX or ClevX partners (e.g., iStorage, SecureData). Just purchase the license according to the number of drives you would like to manage and then follow the step-by-step RM Guide that […]

DataLock RM provides a detailed log of the drive’s usage including time-stamp and GPS-based device location for every operation with the drive, including unsuccessful unlocks and remaining attempts left. Additionally, DataLock RM shows license information such as number of registered drives, max number of the allowed Admins and users, as well as the RM license […]

DataLock RM enables Administrators to remotely manage and enforce: • Authorized users  • Authorized drives for each user • Geo-fencing with GPS accuracy • Time-fencing based on the local time zone • Remote unlock, remote change password • Remote wipe (crypto erase) of the drive • 2FA for Administrators