If you have DriveSecurity 2.X and earlier please update to the latest version from: • Windows: http://clevx.com/Installer/DriveSecurity-Installer.exe • Mac: http://clevx.com/Installer/InstallDriveSecurityMac.zip See What Version do I have? to find your DriveSecurity version. If your DriveSecurity shows “License expired” (see below) you will need to purchase a new license. Icon in System tray shows ”block” sign Mouse […]

To install DriveSecurity: 1. Download the latest version from here. (The installer downloads the latest DriveSecurity application in the background.) 2. Insert a portable drive. 3. If this is a reinstallation, delete the DriveSecurity.exe file and the ESET folder from the portable drive. 4. Double-click the DS-Installer.exe from your download folder. 5. Select the desired […]

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