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ClevX™ releases its DataLock™ Technology for licensing,
a complete platform independent and cross-platform  technology to secure portable storage

Kirkland, WA, July 26, 2007 – ClevX, a technology development and licensing company, has released its latest DataLock (patent pending) technology platform that brings total security, flexibility, and ease of use to portable memory drives. With built-in hardware-based, platform independent user authentication and on-the-fly encryption, DataLock is the easiest to use secure technology on the market. Host & OS independent, the DataLock technology platform is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, home-entertainment, office machines, and embedded systems.

“We developed this technology because we saw the need by corporations and security sensitive consumers to totally protect their data without software or biometric authentication,” said Lev Bolotin, Founder & CEO of ClevX. “By being platform independent and free of host connectivity, we have eliminated the opportunity for data to be hacked or stolen. We have gained acceptance among IT executives because of its platform-independence and ease-of-use, allowing increased flexibility and productivity among mobile professionals.”

DataLock enabled drives come equipped with military grade AES 256 bit on-the-fly encryption. Other options include:

  • User and master PIN
  • Drive recovery in case of forgotten PIN
  • Variable length PIN
  • Auto-lock when drive is removed or left unattended
  • Hacking detection that shuts down the drive and deletion of content

All this in a secure device that is completely independent of host software and ever-changing drivers: premium features without the premium price.

Availability of ClevX’s DataLock Technology

ClevX currently licenses DataLock and other technologies in its portfolio to companies looking for innovative products that differentiate and provide an “edge” over the competition. Visit for more information.

About ClevX

ClevX is a technology leader and innovator in expanding markets. ClevX’s patented solutions target large and rapidly growing markets with applications related to personal computing and mobile professionals.