Do you offer any referral incentives?

Yes. If you recommend EncryptUSB to someone, you will automatically be rewarded with another 30 days of EncryptUSB for free and so will your friend once they download and install EncryptUSB. Please follow the steps below to refer EncryptUSB:

  1. Open the Main dialog and click the Refer-a-Friend


    The Refer-a-Friend button is highlighted here in red.

  2. Click the email button to open your default email program, or just copy the referral key and share it with your friend.


  3. Once your friend installs the EncryptUSB software on their drive they’ll need to:
    1. A. Click Activate
    2. B. Copy/paste the referral key received from you
    3. C. Click OK.

Activate   InptLicenseKey

▲ After clicking Activate, the License Key field displays.

Both of you will get an extra 30 days free for EncryptUSB software.

Trial-30daysExtraMonthAfter Refferral

▲ Before (left) and after your friend activates the referral key from you. (One month is added to trial expiration date.)