What if I forgot my password? (Resetting DataLock BT)

If you forgot your password, resetting the drive is the only way to make it usable again. Although your data will be erased from the drive, this ensures that it is not breached or compromised. The DataLock BT Serial Number is etched on the drive to allow resetting the drive.

Caution: Data will be deleted. After performing a drive RESET, it reverts to the default state: unformatted AND ALL USER DATA AND SETTINGS WILL BE DELETED. Also, all settings (such as drive name, password, step-away, inactivity timer) will be set to default values.

Make sure the drive is authorized (logged-in) via the app.
1. Tap the drive entry.
2. Tap Forgot Password? / Reset.

3. Read the warning and tap Reset Drive.

4. On the 2nd confirmation message (Are you sure?), tap Reset.

5. Enter the Serial Number and tap Ok.

The drive reverts back to the default state:
DataLock BT Pro: The default state is blank (has no password) and locked. Please see How do I create a password? to initialize your drive.

DataLock BT Personal: The default state is blank (has no password) and unlocked with no password, unformatted, at default settings (including the name), and no customer data. The drive requires formatting for continued use.

If, or when, the reset (unformatted) drive is unlocked, this message appears.