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DataLock® BT Secured Data Storage and IoT Devices
  • Wireless user-authentication via smartphone (iOS, Android) and
    Apple Watch. Full-disk AES 256Bit hardware encryption
  • Cross-Platform compatibility—works across Win, Mac, Linux, Chrome, etc. and with embedded systems. No software updates needed
  • Built-in PIN/Password rules and Brute Force protection
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Step away auto-lock, Inactivity auto-lock, Read-Only, Biometric unlock, Password Recovery, Remote Wipe and more.
  • User and Admin modes supported. Remote Management ready.
  • FIPS Compliant Reference Designs; have epoxy covered crypto-boundary. Several products are FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified.
DataLock® BT Remote Management
  • Works with DataLock BT Managed Drives and enforces the use of the authorized devices only
  • Requires iOS/Android phone with DataLock Managed™ App and User ID sign-in
  • Supports Single Sign-On using Active Directory, OKTA, etc.
  • Enables Remote Management by:
    – Users, Drives, Groups
    – Geo-fencing Restrictions
    – Time-fencing Restrictions
  • Admin Features:
    – Remote Kill/Drive Reset
    – User Password Reset
    – Admin Unlock
    – SAML 2.0 Integration for Federated Users access
  • Requires subscription via ClevX

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Easy to Use Encrypted Data Storage and IoT Devices unlocked with your phone
OS/Host Independent Managed and Non-Managed Solutions
The World’s First FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant BT drives
Remote Management with Geo and Time Fencing*
* ClevX subscription might be required
Unlock Your Drive with TouchID and FaceID
Full Disk AES 256Bit Hardware Encryption for Internal & External Data Storage
Remote Wipe. Password Recovery ready*
* ClevX subscription might be required
Various Reference Designs and Custom Branding
User and Admin Modes Supported

Support is provided by ClevX Partners/Licensees.
Please contact the company you have purchased your
DataLock Bluetooth® Secured portable external data storage from.


DataLock® BT (by ClevX®) is easy to use OS/Host – independent encryption technology that protects data residing on internal and external data storage and secure access devices. It uses FIPS validated secure wireless user-authentication and works across any computers and devices.

DataLock BT Secured data storage devices come Remote Management ready. FIPS compliant Reference Designs (Flash, HDD/SSD drives) are available for custom and OEM applications.

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