Can I refer a friend to use USBtoCloud?

Get $5 When Your Friends Become ClevX Customers!
Tell your friends how much you love ClevX Apps (USBtoCloud/USBtoCloud, DriveSecurity, EncryptUSB) and invite them to join the crowd.

When at least two of them make a purchase at the Friend and Family discounted price (25% off), we'll give you $5 towards your next Amazon purchase, or send you cash via PayPal. It’s that easy.

Please follow the steps below to refer a USBtoCloud:

    1. Open Settings dialog and click the Refer-a-Friend button.

    1. Invite your friends through the personal Email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

    1. Your friends will get a link with 25% off ClevX USBtoCloud price.

  1. Once your friend will purchase ClevX USBtoCloud product with 25% discount you will get your rewards.